Lightning Safety

Lightning is a severe hazard that must be viewed seriously!

Players should stop play and seek shelter any time they believe lightning threatens them, even if a signal has not been sounded.

Lightning is a severe hazard that must be addressed seriously. The Toronto Golf Club has a lightning detection system that will alert players and staff to actual lightning strikes to ground. The system will monitor a radius of 20 miles for strikes to ground with the players being alerted to halt play and seek shelter at designated locations based on the first lightning strike within a 5 miles radius of the Pro Shop. This first strike will trigger an alarm condition whereby the system, comprising five stations, will sound a relatively short but loud and distinguishable sound indicating an alarm condition and discontinuation of play and work activities. In addition, with the sounding of the alarm horns, each siren station will be equipped with a strobe light which will remain activated for the entirety of the alarm.

Once there has been no lightning strikes detected to ground in thirty minutes within the five-mile radius, the system will sound a different but distinct “all clear” indicating that it is safe to resume play and work activities. In addition to the “all clear” sounding, the strobe lights at each station will discontinue.

The general locations are #1 tee, the practice facility, hole #5, #13 and #16 which will provide enhanced audible coverage of the property as well as convenient locations of the strobe lights for on-course observation and/or players arriving by vehicle during a lightning alarm.

In conjunction with the on-course system, the Pro Shop is equipped with a computer monitor which will be conveniently accessible to members during the lightning event showing threat level, real-time lightning strikes, and projected minimum time until resumption of play.

All persons must adhere to the Club’s policy of immediately stopping play/work and seeking shelter when the system is activated. 

In the Event of Lightning

Seek Clubhouse, Maintenance Buildings, On-Course Buildings, Automobiles/Trucks, Lightning Shelters. Avoid Open Areas, Water, Tall Trees, Metal Fences, Overhead Wires & Power Lines, Elevated Ground, Golf Carts, Mowers, Cellular Phones and Radios.