Golf Etiquette

Welcome to our golf course, where camaraderie and sportsmanship thrive. To ensure an enjoyable experience for all players, we kindly request your adherence to the following golf etiquette:

  1. Speed of Play: The Toronto Golf Club has a reputation for prompt play. It is essential that this reputation be maintained. It should be possible for a four ball match to complete an 18 hole round in under four hours. Observance of the Club's Rules of Golf Etiquette, listed below, will ensure that this aim is achieved.
  2. No player should play until the players in front are out of range
  3. Play without delay on the fairway and particularly on the green. While your partner or opponent is playing, study your own shot and be ready to play in your turn. This procedure will speed up play for all. - Members are encouraged to play when ready and not necessarily in the order of play.
  4. Players searching for a ball should allow other players coming up to play through and should not continue play until those players have passed out of range.
  5. When the result of a hole has been determined, players should immediately leave the putting green and proceed to the next tee where scores can be noted. Player with honour should tee off before recording score.
  6. A faster group should be invited to play through a slower group at any point on the golf course and irrespective of the number of players in each match. A single player has no standing on the course. Remember: It is not enough to stay ahead of the group behind you, but instead be immediately behind the group ahead of you.
  7. All players are reminded to rake bunkers and to repair all ball marks and divots.