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    The Toronto Golf Club can be located using the address 1305 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E 2P5 If you have questions or need assistance with directions, please call our team at (905) 278-5255.


    1. The Purpose of the Dress Code is to ensure that sensible, reasonable, and appropriate standards are maintained at all times on Club premises.
    2. Golf attire should be neat, tailored, and consistent with the standards of the Club and tradition of the game of golf.
    3. It is unfair to the Directors, Golf Committee, Club staff, Pro Shop and Watson and Colt course starters, to be forced to deal with infractions even though they are authorized to do so.
    4. It is the responsibility of every player to ensure that their family members and guests comply with the Dress Code at all times. Please forward a copy of the Dress Code to your guest(s) prior to their arrival at the Club to help avoid any potential dress code issues.
    5. The Pro Shop is well stocked with suitable clothing and any inadvertent errors may be easily corrected.

    Players and guests are required to change into golf attire (including golf shoes) in the Locker Room or Tee House and not in the parking lots.


    1. Golf shirts must have a collar or be a recognized golf shirt design. Turtlenecks, mock necks and blade collars are acceptable.
    2. Shirts must be worn tucked in.
    3. Tailored pants or shorts are required. The following are not permitted:
      1. Rugby pants
      2. Sweatpants
      3. Jogger trousers
      4. Cargo pants or cargo shorts
      5. Blue jeans or denim pants or shorts
    4. Golf shorts are permitted provided that they are tailored and at a reasonable length above the knee. Tennis shorts are not permitted.
    5. With shorts, only the following socks are permitted:
      1. Ankle socks or sockettes
      2. Proper knee length Bermuda socks with a turned down cuff
    6. Closed toed sandals or deck shoes may be worn on the Lawn with or without socks. Socks are required in the formal areas of the Clubhouse.
    7. Hats and visors must be worn with the peak facing frontward. Hats and visors are not to be worn in the Clubhouse.
    8. Any logos or advertising must be golf related.
    9. Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted.


    1. Golf shirts must have a collar or sleeves or both. Tank, tube, crop, and halter tops are not
    2. permitted.
    3. Racerback golf shirts with collars, turtlenecks, mock necks, and blade collars are acceptable.
    4. Tops must be tucked in except those with banded bottoms.
    5. Tailored golf skirts, shorts, skorts or pants (including Capri- length) are appropriate. The length of golf shorts, skirts or skorts is expected to be of a reasonable length.
    6. Leggings are permitted as a layer under shorts, skirts or skorts.
    7. Jeans, cargo, rugby, sweat, yoga, and workout pants/shorts are not permitted.
    8. Golf socks must be worn.
    9. Hats and visors must be worn with the peak facing frontward.
    10. Any logos or advertising must be golf related.
    11. Metal spiked golf shoes are not permitted.
    12. Golf sandals without socks are permitted.
    13. Flip Flops are not permitted to be worn in the Clubhouse or on the Lawn.


    1. Golf attire may not be worn in the formal areas of the Club (Drawing Room, Dining Room and Trophy Room) after 6:00 p.m.
    2. For private parties in the Dining Room and Trophy Room, men are required to wear a jacket.
    3. All members are requested to inform their guests of the Club Dress Code.
    4. Denim attire is not permitted.

    *Please note that cellphone, laptop, or any other technology usage is not permitted in areas other than the Business Centre.