Guiding Principles


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We value our rich heritage, the congeniality of our members and our exceptional facilities. We strive to maintain and improve our golf courses and the beauty and ambiance of our Clubhouse and surroundings.

We seek to provide a lifetime of playing enjoyment at our Club by encouraging the development of the golfing interest and ability of our members and accommodating the special needs of our most senior members.

We have an obligation to maintain a strong membership through membership renewal.

We respect and treat all of our fellow members equally. We are accountable to all of our fellow members. We respect all of our staff.

We are a gender-neutral members’ Club. Our focus is golf. We strive for excellence in all that we offer our members.

We acknowledge and strive to meet our responsibilities to the larger golfing community, which stem from our rich heritage in golf in Canada, including being a founding member of the Golf Association of Ontario.

We are founded upon and respect the traditions of the past, yet give thoughtful consideration to issues of change to ensure we remain an outstanding golf club.