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THE TORONTO GOLF CLUB originated in 1876. At first, there was no Clubhouse so Members frequently took picnic-baskets with them and had their lunch under the trees. In the early eighteen-nineties, the Club obtained the use of two rooms in a house nearby the course but it was not until 1894 that the members had a Clubhouse of their own... a deserted mansion on the Fernhill property, locally know as the 'haunted house'. The mansion was rebuilt and remodeled as a clubhouse and this quaint building remained the home of the Club for nearly twenty years.

In 1910, the Club decided to acquire a new site for the golf club and after a thorough search, the present site of the Club, on the banks of the Etobicoke River, was selected. The course was ready for play in the autumn of 1912 and the building of the new Clubhouse was completed in 1913. The stately Clubhouse, original to the property, still stands today.